What are people saying about iCombat laser tag?

The zombie game was totally worth it. We all have so much and would love to return soon. Will recommended to others. Great time.


I've made more friends at iCOMBAT in the last year than I have in the last 18 years anywhere else

Spencer Rens

Everything was great and our team had a tremendous time. We look forward to doing it again next year. Thanks!

Steve Fabiilli
Head Women’s Hockey Coach

Thank you so much for providing a fantastic evening for the students on Friday night! They raved about how much fun it was and that it was way better than SkyZone. From the conversations I overheard on the bus, you can look forward to a lot of repeat business. And you can count on us to be back next year with a new batch of eighth graders.
Thanks again for your generosity

Betsy McGinn

We had a BLAST at iCombat last weekend. I’ve told lots of friends to go check it out. Thanks again for all the help! You were awesome. We will definitely be back soon to play again.


We had a great time and thank you for all of your assistance with the kids. They are still talking about it and working in getting a group together for the next tournament!!!


We had a blast! We all agreed that it was the best laser tag experience we've ever seen. The guys who had been to CMP said that iCombat was way better. I think we had all been to Laser Tag Adventure which is fine for kids, but iCombat was much better for our age bracket (20-28). We all loved the scenarios and missions and really enjoyed the playing field/town!
Thanks again! We'll definitely be back!


We had a great time playing at iCombat. The staff was very helpful to us. We had so much fun and will definitely come back again.
Thank you

Beth Economy

We had an absolutely great time! The staff was very helpful and friendly, the missions were engaging and fun (the teens loved them), the facility was clean, and the sound tracks were great. We will be recommending this place to our family and friends. Thank You. Great job!


This was an absolute blast. We'll definitely be coming back for another round!


We had a blast. It was way beyond our expectations. We will definitely be back! Thanks for all your help!


Everything went very well last Saturday and it was a very enjoyable time. The staff was very friendly and extremely helpful with making sure everyone in our group was registered correctly and setup with their access cards, etc.
I'm already being asked to plan another private event since everyone had such a great time. This is a much better laser tag experience than others I have done in the area hands down.


Everything was great! The kids had a blast!

Karyn Oberlander

The boys all had a great time and are ready to come back! The “field marshals” were good with the kids, and accommodated everyone’s needs (like water breaks). It was fun.
Thank you

Jessica Woodward

I think you guys did a spectacular job this past Saturday for Jet's birthday party! All of the boys could not stop talking about it all day. I've even received many texts from other moms stating that their son wants his party there for his birthday! I'd say it was a great success! You were super accommodating and friendly. Signing up was a breeze and the communication was great. Everything seemed to flow smoothly. We liked having the upstairs to watch and then grab a drink after to cool down. I know Jet thought it was one of this best birthdays and he loved it when his Dad was able to play for a bit. Just an extremely satisfying day! Thanks for being so friendly to us and making his birthday so special! I will definitely recommend iCombat to everyone!


I was very skeptical at first because of the cost involved, but to be honest, it was great! Everyone had a blast and everything went well! I know my son and his buddies are looking forward to being able to go to the first Sunday of February to participate in the new session for 12 and under.
Thank you!

Angela S. Hanson

I just want to share that my 7 year-old son went to a birthday party at iCOMBAT and said it was the most amazing party ever! Can't wait to take him back to play!
Thank you

Renae Huffman

I can’t compliment you and your staff enough for the amazing birthday party Glenn had!! It was truly one of his most favorite places he has ever been to. You all did such a great job at keeping his small party very happy! I have shared our experience on Facebook and have generated interest in your business and I’m even thinking of forming my own party for my adult friends! Again, thank you for such an amazing time!

Sally Langer

All the boys had a wonderful time. They loved the missions. I'm sure you will see us again.
Thank you


Jake enjoyed iCombat and he liked that you do missions instead of randomly walk around shooting the other team. All the employees were very friendly. Thanks for enjoyable time.


Collin and his guests had the best time! All of them want to come back including, the dads! And we were at a fundraiser this weekend where iCombat tickets were being raffled (thank you for donating them to such a great cause) and my daughter was desperate to win them so she could come back! The missions were fun, the team leaders were friendly and engaging, and the session was a perfect length because the kids and dads were exhausted! Collin wishes he was 13 so he could come back whenever he wanted! I will spread the word and thank you for the pics!


Thank you for the excellent service from the moment the order was taken through the party and follow-up. We were all very impressed. After the experience, ALL of the boys seemed to want to have their next birthday party at iCombat. I will make sure to keep an ear out, and if any of their parents show interest, I will be happy to offer my enthusiastic endorsement.
Keep up the great work!

Joel Freeborn

We all had a great time. Thanks for all your help! Overall very fun, and we liked it a lot better than CMP tactical. Thanks we will see you on Labor Day with another group of 6 or 7.


We had an awesome time and cannot wait to come back again. Both my husband and I played along with the kids and had a gas of a time. We love it. Thank you so much for everything. Keep up the good work!!

Janine Wereley

I have nothing but good thoughts towards iCombat Waukesha. Allowing Jack to pick the missions he wanted to play in our extra time was really awesome too. The boys all had so much fun and I was so impressed with how things were handled. Thank you again for providing my son with a fantastic first time playing laser tag!


We had a FABULOUS time. From the minute we walked in a month or two ago until the very end of the party, you have been AMAZING. We of course have done many parties for our kids and this has been the best. Not only did the kids enjoy themselves (as a few days later many are still talking about it), but it was so very easy on us as the party hosts.
We LOVED how you had "helpers" in the field with the kids. Seeing our kids are a bit younger this helped them a lot to know what and where to go. Yet the helpers let the kids do it without being over bearing. The time of the missions and the breaks in between were great for our group.
Having the observation area for the parents was great. We were able to see the kids enjoying themselves and we enjoyed watching them.
Being able to order the pizzas right through you was GREAT! It was yet another thing I didn't have to worry about and they were ready in the room when the kids were done was just wonderful.
I know the kids on our group really enjoyed their time there and it has been the best birthday party we have had for our son. We hope to have more events with you guys.
Thanks again for everything. Truly an AMAZING time and great staff.


I just want to send a note thanking you and the staff for a great party. Everything went very smooth and thank you for taking the time to incorporate the music into the games. The kids very much enjoyed it, and the games even more.

Jeremy Watson

Our second party was amazing and the staff was excellent working with the kids and getting everything running smoothly.

Jeremy Watson

Our son and his friends really enjoyed the birthday party. You were great and very flexible. We would recommend iCombat to anyone. Thanks again!

Marian Krason

I just want to let you know that my son loved his birthday party! He and his friends had an absolute blast, so much so that when the party was over and they were watching the next group they wanted to play again! The facility was amazing and I really liked the observation deck, which gave us the opportunity to watch the boys having so much fun. Your party room was very nice and spacious, and was well-suited to meet our needs. We have no complaints whatsoever! Thank you very much for making Brady's party such a huge success!!


We had a great time and the kids think it's the best laser tag place around

Joanne Szymaszek

Our boys had a blast. I asked one if it met his expectations because I knew he was super excited after looking at your website. He said it far exceeded his expectations! I can certainly say that the service and attention you provided to me was outstanding as I was learning about your organization and considering it for our group. Thank you so much!


I wanted to let you know that iCombat was an AMAZING party! The boys talked about it all the way home. Each of them were counting down the days till their next birthday. Everything about the party was outstanding. I loved that I could bring in my own food to feed all the boys. That is a perk that some other places don't let you do. I also loved how nice and accommodating the staff was. Everyone was friendly and helpful. I am surprised to hear that kid parties are so new to iCombat. It all went so smooth that I thought you guys had been doing it for a while. I honestly do not have any suggestions for future parties. You hit it out of the park. Thank you for an outstanding party that my son and his friends will never forget!

Tina Quintero

Everything was great! The boys all had a blast and us parents loved being able to watch them! Thanks!


The kids all had so much fun. I liked the ease of booking, and working with you to set everything up. The kids had the big, clean party room to themselves, the missions were fun, the viewing area was great for us parents, and the team helpers were great. Plus the pictures we got afterwards were fun.


The guys all enjoyed this and had a great time! We will definitely be in contact again! I really appreciate all the help on pulling this off last minute!!

Siding Unlimited

The team had a blast and I’m sure we will be back with others from our company.
Thanks again!


Thanks again so much for working with me on the hosting EPSI at iCombat. Everyone had a total blast! I’ll certainly be in touch as we look toward future events.

Justin Kelly

The experience was awesome yesterday! There were no complaints at all. It was a lot of fun and we do plan on coming back! Thanks for having us! Thanks

Kyle Jewell

Love the picture, thanks for sending! So far the feedback I heard was everyone had a great time and the whole event was perfect. Thanks so much for helping to make it a success!

Natalie Dotzauer
Eatons Power Systems

My group had a blast! We are looking to get another group together in October for the Zombie games. One of your reps was talking about it with some of the guys in the group and they thought it sounded like a lot of fun. They cannot wait to go back. Also, my kids really enjoyed playing at the Madison location on Sunday. That is a really cool combat zone. Thanks again!

Mary Rose Balzer
North Shore Bank - Branch Manager - AVP

Thank you for your hospitality, our crew had a great time!

Mike Ehlers
mkCellular, Inc.

We took our branch management team to iCombat Waukesha for a morning of work, a holiday lunch gathering, and an afternoon of teambuilding. iCombat was able to accommodate all phases seamlessly. The private meeting room was clean, comfortable, and private. It was equipped with everything that we needed. The afternoon was filled with cooperation, communication, team strategy, and a lot of laughter. Even though many of us were tired at the end of 90 minutes no one wanted to stop playing! I am sure we will be visiting iCombat again in the future. Have a Merry Christmas!

Kevin Wolf
Retail Banking Sales Coordinator
First Bank Financial Centre (FBFC)

We has a blast! Everyone we met last night was super nice and helpful. Great staff! We will definitely be back!

Suzie Windisch

Thank youvery much for the group experience at iCOMBAT. We all enjoyed ourselves and themissions were very well-run. I’m sure we will be doing this again in thefuture. Thanks again!


Thank you so much for all you and your staff did to make our outing so successful. Everyone had a great time and loved the whole experience. In fact they’re all talking about another session, taking on another group from Harley. I’ll keep you in mind if that happens. Thank you again!


Everything went very well last Saturday and it was a very enjoyable time. The staff was very friendly and extremely helpful with making sure everyone in our group was registered correctly and setup with their access cards, etc.
I'm already being asked to plan another private event since everyone had such a great time. This is a much better laser tag experience than others I have done in the area hands down.


We had an absolute blast and will definitely be back again. You and your staff did a fantastic job and I will certainly be recommending iCombat to friends as well as my employer for team building options. Thanks!


We had a great time! The staff on Saturday was friendly and helpful. We're actually looking to come again soon during open play (I want to try the Alamo round!). Thanks again and we're looking forward to returning!


Thank you so much for everything. We had a great time! Everyone was still talking about it and thanking me for setting it up all day today. We will definitely be back for more, hopefully soon! Thank you for all your hospitality. We all really, really appreciate it! Thanks so much!

Food Marketing Services

Great CCW class. Having known Tom for 20 years helped as he and I have worked together for quite some time. Always love the stories that come with the coursework. I am also interested in getting a group together to play a private game at iCombat! We are also interested in the advanced course!


The low light defense course was great. I would definitely take more classes with that instructor. I would pay more to have hands on classes that included using the laser tag set up to test our ability to not get shot in a real life scenario. I would do this regularly. There is only one chance in real life to save yourself from an attacker or intruder. Regular real life scenario training could embed instincts into memory that would help keep me from ever making the wrong decision. Keep me informed if there are any more classes.