News: Battlefield Baghdad Celebrates 4 Years!

Posted 7 months ago
                                                                       Battlefield Baghdad being built in 2013

iCOMBAT Waukesha is celebrating its 4 year anniversary! To celebrate, iCOMBAT is offering public laser tag sessions for $20 for the entire weekend! Read on to learn about the history behind the field.

The Company Behind the Field
The start of this thrilling adventure, began with an independent electronics manufacturer called, Universal Electronics, INC(UEI). In 2005, the company started Predator Games, a segment of UEI that would provide entertainment venues with an affordable way to play laser tag. 
In 2010, irTactical emerged, taking the laser tag concept into the tactical realm. It was originally meant for a professional market, serving law enforcement and military personnel with realistic training equipment. 
Predator Games and irTactical merged together and are simply known as iCOMBAT, the company that we all now know and love.
2013, the first laser tag facility was born, Battlefield Baghdad. In its first year of life, the Waukesha field provided entertainment for more than 8,000 people from across the country. 
 The Laser Tag Company Today
                                                         The Marketplace after Battlefield Baghdad was finished
iCOMBAT serves over 50 countries on six continents with its laser tag equipment. 
iCOMBAT has created a total of three facilities of their own to play, including Battlefield Baghdad in Waukesha, Camp Leatherneck in Madison, and, the newest, Alcatraz and Shanty Town in Chicago, Illinois. The fields offers over 25 missions to play, its newest being Platoon that was released on June 1. 
iCOMBAT has accomplished so much in its short life and has more to come! Stay up-to-date on everything this trailblazing laser tag company has to offer.
Stop in this weekend for $20 sessions (6/22 - 6/25)!