News: June Laser Tag Player of the Month

Posted 7 months ago

At iCOMBAT Waukesha we’re proud to recognize our most loyal and skilled players in the tactical laser tag game. We’d like to introduce the player of the month for June:

Username: Dutch


Rank: 99- General
Achievements: 3160/4120
Kills: 59,841
Headshots: 78,224
Win Percentile: 66.07%


Q: How did you chose your username?
A: I chose my username because it’s my nationality

Q:What advice would you give to a new player?
A: Keep your gun up and be ready. Always communicate with your team players too.

Q:What is your favorite aspect about us?
A: Ashley and the team is awesome, I also like the tournaments and meeting new people.

The iCOMBAT team would like to thank Dutch for the wonderful compliment. We also hope that you continue to foster relationships with new players.