News: August 2017 Laser Tag Player of the Month

Posted 6 months ago
At iCOMBAT Waukesha, we’re proud to recognize our most loyal and skilled players in the tactical laser tag game. We’d like to introduce the Waukesha player of the month for August:

Username: Axton


Rank: 69- Colonel Service Star 24
Achievements: 1300/4090
Kills: 13231
Headshots: 18177
Win Percentile: 50.39%


Q:How did you choose your username?
A: My favorite character from Badlands 2.

Q:What advice would you give to a new player?
A: Use the 3-second grace period when respawning to your advantage. Approach corners with your gun ready to fire but round them carefully as to not collide with other players.

Q:What was your favorite moment at iCOMBAT?
A: Favorite moment was two-on-two session against Dutch and Nicole on legendary. No music was played for sniper, which gave the field an eerie feeling. 

Being a player of the month takes commitment and laser-sharp focus to rise to the top. We thank you for choosing our iCOMBAT Waukesha location and look forward to you reaching your next level of achievement.