News: iCOMBAT Sergeant Training – Know Your Surroundings

Posted 7 months ago

iCOMBAT Sergeant Training – Know Your Surroundings

Welcome to iCOMBAT Sergeant Training, your complete guide to tactical laser tag! Here you will find tips, tricks, strategy, and tactics for becoming the best you can be on the laser tag field. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, there’s always room to get more points! Check back each month for a new release of Sergeant Training and stay ahead of the competition.

In this month’s release of iCOMBAT Waukesha’s Sergeant Training we will discuss the importance of understanding the field, your position, your enemy’s position, advantage points, and cover strategy.

Know the Field

Before you even walk onto the field you should already be thinking about the layout, obstacles, and where you plan to begin your strategy. At iCOMBAT Waukesha we offer a number of opportunities to study the field before you gear up. We give you the chance to view a full detailed scaled model of the iCOMBAT Waukesha facility, an aerial map online and onsite, or check out the actual layout from our civilian viewing lounge. This will give you the chance to begin strategizing on your own or with your laser tag team.


Once you understand the map and layout of the field you can begin planning your position. The field position you take will likely depend on your game play strategy. Stay tuned for future posts on detailed strategy training.

If you are pursuing an offensive strategy than you likely want to find and secure a forward position. A forward position is one that is closer to the enemy’s base or hot zone. From this position, you will be on the offense working to either achieve game goals or rack up your kill count. The forward position is usually the person willing to take on the most risk as you will find yourself in heavy fire. Remember, the more risk means higher likelihood of getting shot!

Another position option is the back position. The back position typically stays closer to base. This role is one that protects home base from intruders, protects hostages, and helps to lay cover fire for the forward position. While the back position sees less heavy fire action, this position has the ability to key in on their accuracy rates and KDR (Kill to Death Rate). This position can also be used as a sniper or decoy option. Remember the back position is the last resort, if you die, your team is doomed!

While your position is important, your enemy’s position is the real threat. Make sure when studying your field layout you take notes of positions that will appeal to your enemy and leave your team exposed. You will want to plan around your enemy’s position in order to cover those particular spots that cause your team major damage.

Vantage & Cover

iCOMBAT Waukesha has been designed with tactical strategy in mind. Our experts have created a play land of vantage and cover spots throughout our battlefield. It’s up to you find these places and utilize them and destroy your enemy.

Vantage points will give the most opportunity to rack up kills. Many times these spots will also leave you most exposed and give your enemy the chance to take you down. The best vantage points offer maximum enemy traffic, clear and clean line of fire, and cover. Cover is one of the biggest concerns in tactical battle. Cover is what shields you from enemy fire. The best snipers use cover as one of their biggest weapons. Cover spots might include dark corners, elevated vantage points, or places your enemy would never expect to see you. When deciding on your vantage point and cover, always remember you need an escape route. When things get hairy, and they will, you want an option to back the hell out before you get killed!

Now you have the knowledge to make better decisions on the field. These training tips should help you to get shot less, rack up more kills, and win more rounds at iCOMBAT Waukesha. Get out there and apply what you’ve learned. You’ll be the best laser tag player before you know it. Tune in next month for another release of iCOMBAT Laser Tag Sergeant Training.

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