News: iCOMBAT Presents: Cadet Sessions - Laser Tag for Kids

Posted 9 months ago

Cade Sessions by iCOMBAT

Are you struggling to keep the kids entertained this winter or just looking for some family fun ideas? Better yet, maybe you just want to be one of the coolest parents on the block. Well, look no further.

iCOMBAT offers kid only laser tag games, or Cadet Sessions, every Sunday at 12pm. Our team of laser tag experts are here to make sure your Cadet has fun and stays safe throughout their entire 90- minute mission. Whether you have one Cadet or ten (hey, we don’t judge!), these action-packed, kid-safe laser tag games are fun and affordable for the entire family.

If you’re worried about your kids having too much screen time or not getting enough physical exercise in over the winter, Cadet Sessions are just what the doctor ordered. Easily buy your Cadet’s laser tag tickets online!

Play Indoor Laser Tag

Did we mention our laser tag games are indoors? We love being in Waukesha, Wisconsin but when the temperatures drop, indoor laser tag is a great way to stay active without the frostbite. Don’t battle the snow, leave the parka at home, this isn’t your Saturday soccer game. You’ll be able to stay warm and watch your Cadet from our large television screens streaming the action live. In the meantime, you can catch up on email, read or just relax while the kids have the time of their lives on the laser tag battle field.

Teamwork on the Laser Tag Field

We’re proud to offer exciting kid friendly laser tag in Waukesha. Part of the reason these Cadet Sessions are such a big hit is because the Cadets have a chance to play a fair, exciting game with new friends that are all on a similar playing level. This isn’t your average laser tag experience. Cadets will need to navigate a unique field with specific challenges, and work together with their new teammates to communicate and accomplish their mission.

When you’re looking for a fun thing to do for your kids, Cadet Sessions indoor laser tag is the perfect fit. Kids will be able to play a fast-paced, safe, indoors game of laser tag that they’ll be bragging about for weeks. Grab your tickets online today!

Is your Cadet’s birthday coming up? iCOMBAT is the perfect place for a children’s birthday party. These private birthday parties are for kids under the age of 12 with special rules and Rated-G missions that are family friendly.

Learn more about these special birthday parties and call 855.454.4426 to book your kid’s birthday party with us today!

We can’t wait to see you and your Cadets for some seriously fun laser tag, soon!