The Experience

Rifle Back

Laser tag is no longer boring

Teams will duke it out using realistic equipment with live noise and recoil. Become fully immersed in our arena featuring incredible sound, lighting, and realism. Jets scream overhead and bombs rattle your teeth. iCOMBAT is not for the timid.


Ultra-realistic combat experience

Forget black lights and cheesy plastic guns. iCOMBAT is the future of laser tag gaming. You’ll complete thrilling missions while fighting on Battlefield Baghdad, a realistic Hollywood set of the Middle East.



Live Hollywood movie set

Battlefield Baghdad was designed from the ground up as a stimulating arena for laser tag. Mud buildings, sandy asphalt streets, closing doors, normal steps, and real props all create an exciting battlefield no tfound anywhere else.


Battlefield Baghdad


Realistic combat zones

With over 30 rooms, 2 stories, and 6 different neighborhoods, ICombat puts players into a unique battle experience. Choose to patrol the streets, hide in the shadows, or wreak havoc from above. No matter how many times you play, you won't get bored.


Fully immerse your senses

The battle environment is always changing. Each mission takes place in a different setting. Fight in dawn or dusk, day or night. Bombs and thunder light up the sky and rattle your teeth. You’ll hear jets shriek overhead while bullets whiz past. Shooting certain objects will fill the field with dense fog. Realistic props and environmental lighting offer clues when planning your attack.

Laser Tag Equipment

Exciting weapons and gear

iCOMBAT laser tag weapons are just like the real thing. Experience live noise and recoil! See a bright muzzle flash and change out your magazine when your ammo runs out! Several gun options are available with single and burst modes.


irM4 SBR

The SBR (Short Barreled Rifle) has a stock and iron sights for stable shooting and comfortable aiming.


Shock belt - For Select Sessions

The shock belt can be worn for special sessions by players aged 18+. Every time you get shot, you get hit with a jolt!

Headband equipmentImage

Vest and Headband

Wireless, cheater-proof system with multiple hit sensors. Fully adjustable to accommodate most people.


irM4 CQB

Ideal for close quarters combat and quick aiming. The CQB is lightweight and features a red dot sight, front grip (not shown), and no stock.


irPistol - For Home Defense Courses

Realistic pistol with slide action and trigger reset for home defense training classes.


For players 12 and under, the Barracuda laser tag equipment is safe and easy to use.

Thrilling Missions

The struggle for victory

With tons of missions, your experience will never be the same. Some missions focus on team work, others on strategy, and some on individual domination

Black Hawk Down

The Rangers have been shot down over a major Middle Eastern city and are hole up in a local market place. Tangos are closing in to finish the job. The Rangers start out in the market place with 150 ammo, 5 health, and no respawn. The tangos start in the poor district and must eliminate all of The Rangers within 5 minutes. They have 1 health and unlimited respawn, at any station. If any Ranger survives for the 5 minutes, the Rangers win. The tangos win if every Ranger is eliminated within 5 minutes.


The Borg have invaded and humankind must fight for survival or face complete assimilation. The human team starts trapped in the marketplace and must eliminate all of the Borg team spread throughout the battlefield in under 5 minutes to win. The Borg share health from a total pool (20 health per Borg, 10 players = 200 health) with no respawns, while the humans have 1 health and unlimited respawns. The Borg team wins if there are any survivors at the end of 5 minutes.

Domestic Threat

Terrorists have hidden a dangerous package in the middle of the public square and the police have no idea where it is. The terrorist team will hide a backpack in the market, while the other team faces away. Once the game starts, the police team must find the backpack and bring it back to their starting location before it detonates after 5 minutes. The terrorist team wants to protect the backpack until time runs out. All players get 2 health and unlimited respawns. Police win if they secure the backpack under 5 minutes and the terrorists win if they successfully defend it for 5 minutes.


This classic battle for superiority is ideal for teams and risky players. The Dominators are placed around the battlefield and teams must fight to claim the area for their side. A player must get to the Dominator and shoot down the center to activate it for their side. While the Dominator is claimed by one side or another, it glows their color and secures points. The highest point total at the end of 5 minutes wins. All players have 2 health and unlimited respawns.


For this mission, players get 2 health and only 1 respawn. The goal is to find and eliminate the opposing team. To win, a team must fully eliminate the other team. If there are any players left on both teams after 8 minutes, the match ends in a tie. Elimination is played at night time with simulated night-time lighting – making stealth and tactics the winning tools of the day.


Critical intelligence has been rumored to exist and is believed to be stored in the storage lockers of the tower. Both teams must race against time to secure the backpack full of intel and bring it back safely to their base. Players have 2 health and unlimited respawns. If a player is shot while holding the backpack, he or she must drop it. Use team work and brute force to win the mission!

Hell's Bells

A bell has been placed high above the market place and dings every time it gets shot! Teams must fight to see who can shoot the bell the most before the time limit is up. Every time the bell gets shot, it dings, letting everyone on the field know you are scoring points. Our software keeps track of who shoots the bell and a running total is displayed so everyone can see who is winning. Use teamwork to hold the marketplace and score as many points as you can!

Judge Dredd

Rival gangs are battling over Battlefield Baghdad for survival in this game of elimination, featuring a special twist. After a period of time, the Judge appears to deliver justice and restore order! Players on both teams have 2 health and 1 respawn and are out of the game after losing all lives. The Judge comes into the game with 50 health and plenty of firepower with one goal: eliminate anyone and anything in his path. Teams must take down the Judge while continuing to fight each other. Whichever team is left standing at the end of the 5 minutes is declared the winner.


The juggernaut is a classic assault game. One team has one player become a juggernaut. The juggernaut and a body guard set up a defense in the market upstairs, where the juggernaut must stay. Both teams begin in the normal starting zones. The juggernaut gets 150 ammo, 10 health, and no respawn, while everyone else gets 2 health and unlimited respawn. The juggernaut's team must keep the juggernaut alive for 5 minutes in order to win the game. The attacking team must destroy the juggernaut under 5 minutes to win.


Two teams face off each with a medic for every 5 players. After players are hit the second time, they will be wounded and cannot move. It is up to the team’s medic to respond to the cries and get to the player. Medics will instantly revive players by getting within a few feet of them. Wounded players will respawn after 30 seconds if their medics cannot get to them in time. If a medic gets eliminated, they must get to the starting respawn stations to revive themselves. The team with the most eliminations at the end of 5 minutes is declared the winner.

Military Intel

Battle rages and both sides have critical military intelligence nearby. Each team has a colored backpack in the market that they must defend, while the other team tries to grab it and return it to their base. All players have 2 health and only 1 respawn. Teams cannot move their own backpack after placing it and the team that returns the enemy backpack to their base first wins.


The Reaper has come to collect his souls. Fight until life exists no more! When one team is completely eliminated and no lives remain, they have been defeated! Advanced players would do well to help out the newer players during battle in order to preserve team respawns. Teams will start with a total of 4 respawns for each player (i.e. 10 players = 40 lives).

Safe Cracker

Somewhere on the battlefield is an electronic safe that houses a valuable key. Both teams know the combination and must fight to find the safe, crack the code, and secure their respective key. The key must then be brought to the tower to unlock another safe with an air horn inside. If you are shot carrying the key, you must drop it and return to your base to respawn. Players get two lives before each respawn and the team that blows the air horn first wins.

Supply Grab

An intense and concentrated tug-of-war game between two teams. In the middle of the battlefield lays a recent supply drop of 7 boxes and both teams must battle to secure as many of them as possible. You must fight to grab a box and bring it back to your starting zone. The team that secures 4 boxes before 5 minutes is the winner. All players get 2 health and unlimited respawns. If neither team collects 4 boxes, the team with the most at 5 minutes wins.


A SWAT team has been dispatched to clear the neighborhood of a vicious gang. The thugs are hiding out and must survive for 5 minutes. The SWAT team has 2 lives and 2 respawns, while the thugs have 4 lives and no respawns. Thugs can start in any building with one person in each and the SWAT team starts under the tower. They can respawn anywhere on the field and must race against the clock to eliminate the threat.

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch is your basic laser combat scenario where teams go head-to-head to see who can get the most eliminations. Your team should cover each other at all times and use basic strategy to complete the mission. Each player has two lives and must return to base to respawn. The team with the most eliminations at the end of the match wins.


Osama Bin Laden must be found. The Navy Seals have been sent in to find and eliminate him. The terrorist team starts in the poor district and selects one player to protect UBL, who is hiding in the mansion. The Seals start in south embassy and must fight to eliminate the UBL prop and bring him back to the embassy while the terrorist team defends him. All players get two lives and unlimited respawn. The Seals win if they drag UBL into the embassy within 8 minutes. Terrorists win if they prevent that from happening.


Dominator tubes are placed all over the battlefield as well as in each team's base. Players must find and shoot a Dominator in the field and then return to their base and shoot their own Dominator to score a point. If you get shot while "carrying" a point, the point disappears and you must respawn!


Sniper is a mission based on the accuracy percentage of your team. The team with the highest Sniper Rating wins. This rating is calculated based on total eliminations and each player's accuracy score. No more spray and pray - in this mission every shot counts.


Multiple Dominators are placed around the battlefield and one is active at a time. Players must shoot the active Dominator to score points. Dominators will activate faster and faster as time goes on and the team with most points wins!


Time to mix your team up. A small group of players will be chosen to be the terminators while everyone else will play as the resistance. Terminators will have to take on the rest of the players with their extreme power of 1 shot, 1 kill. The terminators also have great strength as it will take 7 hits to kill them. Both teams will have unlimited respawns. Whichever team has the most kills at the end of the 5 minutes will win. Adapting your strategy to work with your new teammates will bring the best chances of coming out on top.


One person will randomly become infected and will fight to infect any survivors. If you are killed by an infected player you will respawn in on the infected side. If any survivors can go 5 minutes without being infected they will be the winners. If in 5 minutes there are no survivors, the infection will be the winner. Protecting yourself, may need to come before others in this mission of survival. How will you survive the infection?